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HTTP request

GET https://api.wevoteusa.org/apis/v1/ballotItemRetrieve (Jump to "Try It Now")

Required Parameters

Parameter name Value Description
api_key string (from post, cookie, or get (in that order)) The unique key provided to any organization using the WeVoteServer APIs
kind_of_ballot_item string What is the type of ballot item that we are retrieving? (kind_of_ballot_item is either "OFFICE", "CANDIDATE", "POLITICIAN" or "MEASURE")
ballot_item_id integer The unique internal identifier for this ballot_item (either ballot_item_id OR ballot_item_we_vote_id required -- not both. If it exists, ballot_item_id is used instead of ballot_item_we_vote_id)
ballot_item_we_vote_id string The unique identifier for this ballot_item across all networks (either ballot_item_id OR ballot_item_we_vote_id required -- not both.) NOTE: In the future we might support other identifiers used in the industry.


This API endpoint is a wrapper for <a href='/apis/v1/docs/officeRetrieve/'>officeRetrieve</a>, <a href='/apis/v1/docs/candidateRetrieve/'>candidateRetrieve</a> and <a href='/apis/v1/docs/measureRetrieve/'>measureRetrieve</a>, . See those endpoints for a description of variables returned.


Response Status Codes

Code Description
VALID_VOTER_DEVICE_ID_MISSING Cannot proceed. A valid voter_device_id parameter was not included.
VALID_VOTER_ID_MISSING Cannot proceed. A valid voter_id was not found.

Try It Now: API Variables

Retrieve detailed information about one candidate.

Parameter name Value  

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