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HTTP request

GET https://api.wevoteusa.org/apis/v1/pdfToHtmlRetrieve (Jump to "Try It Now")

Required Parameters

Parameter name Value Description
voter_device_id string An 88 character unique identifier linked to a voter record on the server
pdf_url string The valid URL, from which to load the PDF to be converted

Optional Parameters

Parameter name Value Description
version boolean report the version of pdf2htmlEX


  "status": string,
  "success": boolean,
  "output_from_subprocess": string,
  "s3_url_for_html": string (a public url to a new or reused HTML page in S3),

Response Status Codes

Code Description
PDF_URL_MISSING The URL to the PDF is either missing or invalid.
PDF_URL_RETURNED The API call has returned a URL to a new HTML page in S3
PDF2HTMLEX_VERSION The version of the installed instance of pdf2htmlEX

Try It Now: API Variables

Convert a PDF to an HTML file in S3, and return the URL

Parameter name Value  
version: True

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