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HTTP request

GET https://api.wevoteusa.org/apis/v1/siteConfigurationRetrieve (Jump to "Try It Now")

Required Parameters

Parameter name Value Description
api_key string (from post, cookie, or get (in that order)) The unique key provided to any organization using the WeVoteServer APIs
hostname string The URL that the voter is visiting.


  "success": boolean,
  "status": string,
  "chosen_about_organization_external_url": string,
  "chosen_google_analytics_tracking_id": string,
  "chosen_hide_we_vote_logo": boolean,
  "chosen_logo_url_https": string,
  "chosen_prevent_sharing_opinions": boolean,
  "chosen_ready_introduction_text": string,
  "chosen_ready_introduction_title": string,
  "chosen_website_name": string,
  "features_provided_bitmap": integer,
  "hostname": string,
  "organization_we_vote_id": string (the organization identifier that moves server-to-server),
  "reserved_by_we_vote": boolean,

Response Status Codes

Code Description
ORGANIZATION_FOUND_WITH_ID The organization was found using the internal id

Try It Now: API Variables

Retrieve the private label settings as configured by this organization.

Parameter name Value  

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