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HTTP request

GET https://api.wevoteusa.org/apis/v1/sitewideDailyMetricsSyncOut (Jump to "Try It Now")

Required Parameters

Parameter name Value Description
api_key string (from post, cookie, or get (in that order)) The unique key provided to any organization using the WeVoteServer APIs
voter_device_id string An 88 character unique identifier linked to a voter record on the server. If not provided, a new voter_device_id (and voter entry) will be generated, and the voter_device_id will be returned.

Optional Parameters

Parameter name Value Description
starting_date_as_integer integer The earliest date for the batch we are retrieving. Format: YYYYMMDD (ex/ 20200131) (Default is 3 months ago)
ending_date_as_integer integer Retrieve data through this date. Format: YYYYMMDD (ex/ 20200228) (Default is right now.)
return_csv_format boolean If set to true, return results in CSV format instead of JSON.


  "id": integer,
  "authenticated_visitors_today": integer, Number of visitors, today
  "authenticated_visitors_total": integer, Number of visitors, all time
  "ballot_views_today": integer: The number of voters that viewed at least one ballot on one day,
  "date_as_integer": integer, YYYYMMDD of the action 
  "entered_full_address": integer, 
  "friend_entrants_today": integer, first touch, response to friend 
  "friends_only_positions": integer,
  "individuals_with_friends_only_positions": integer,
  "individuals_with_positions": integer,
  "individuals_with_public_positions": integer,
  "issue_follows_today": integer,one follow for one issue, today 
  "issue_follows_total": integer: description, one follow for one issue, all time
  "issues_followed_today": integer, issues followed today, today 
  "issues_followed_total": integer, number of issues followed, all time 
  "issues_linked_today": integer,
  "issues_linked_total": integer,
  "new_visitors_today": integer,
  "organization_public_positions": integer,
  "organizations_auto_followed_today": integer,auto_follow organizations, today 
  "organizations_auto_followed_total": integer,auto_follow organizations, all time 
  "organizations_followed_today": integer, voter follow organizations, today
  "organizations_followed_total": integer, voter follow organizations, all 
  "organizations_signed_in_total": organizations signed in, all time integer,
  "organizations_with_linked_issues": integer, organizations linked to issues, all 
  "organizations_with_new_positions_today": integer, today 
  "organizations_with_positions": integer,
  "visitors_today": integer, number of visitors, today 
  "visitors_total": integer, number of visitors, all time 
  "voter_guide_entrants_today": integer, first touch, voter guide 
  "voter_guides_viewed_today": integer, number of voter guides viewed, today
  "voter_guides_viewed_total": integer, number of voter guides viewed, today
  "welcome_page_entrants_today": integer,first touch, welcome page

Try It Now: API Variables

Allow people with Analytics Admin authority to retrieve daily metrics information for data analysis purposes.

Parameter name Value  
return_csv_format: True

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